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Care of the product

  • How to care for swimwear Beach Control :  

  • - Apply cream or suntan oil on the body in advance and allow them to soak in before putting on the swimsuit.
    - Avoid contact with any uneven surface, as roughness increases the wear of the fabric.
    - Refrain from using a bathing suit when visiting a swimming pool with strongly chlorinated water, as this can lead to discolouration and damage to the material of the swimsuit.
    - When storing, avoid eversion of the cups, as this can lead to their deformation. It is recommended not to bend the cup, but cross the stanik (the connection between the two cups of the swimsuit) and put the cup in the cup.
    - Protect the folded swimsuit from the effects of other wardrobe items to avoid the occurrence of wrinkles on it.
    - Pack and keep the swimsuit in completely dried form. When storing a leotard in the wet state for a long time, an unpleasant odor may appear and the formation of bacteria that often leads to skin infection.

    How to WASH the swimsuits:

    - Wash the beach control   manually at a water temperature of 30 degrees or less. For washing, an ordinary soap or liquid detergent that does not contain bleach is suitable. Rinse the bathing suit thoroughly with soap and detergent.
    - Do not wash the Beach Control   in the washing machine, even if it supports the manual wash mode, to avoid damaging the fabric, losing shape or color.
    - If you did not bathe, but only sunbathed, rinse the swimsuit in the water, as sweat and sebaceous secretions reduce its elasticity and eventually lead to a deterioration in the appearance and properties of the swimsuit.
    - Do not bleach the swimsuit.

    How to dry your swimsuits correctly:

    - Dry swimsuit Beach Control   on both sides in dry ventilated areas, avoiding direct sunlight, periodically turning inside out and back.
    - Do not squeeze or iron the swimsuit.
    -   You can not DRY the swimsuit on the battery.

    By following these simple rules, the swimsuit will delight you much longer!


    Swimwear Beach Control   made of neoprene and require special care !